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API driven banking infrastructure for cryptocurrencies

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Enable your customers to buy, store and use cryptocurrencies easily. Our API driven solution is designed to cut the complexity from cryptocurrencies.


Pay with almost any cryptocurrency. Our platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies and enables the functionality to give them utility. Get paid and pay.

Real Wallets

Our wallets are not virtually partitioned; users have access to their private keys and can regenerate wallets independently.


For Businesses
BVNK is a turnkey enabling technology for the purchase, storage and general utility of cryptocurrencies. We enable cryptocurrency and fiat utility for businesses and consumers via our platform and mobile applications. We believe that finance should be better. All of our services are available via APIs through our SaaS platform. Now anyone can build a better financial world.
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For Consumers
Our consumer platform is not an exchange, it’ a cryptocurrency enabler. Our clean and simple user interface make buying and storing multiple cryptocurrencies easier than ever before. More than that, we enable functional utility to allow people to transact in new and meaningful ways. Cryptocurrency is complex. But it doesn’t have to be.

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BVK Token

What is BVK Token?

BVK token brings utility to the BVNK network. BVK token can be used to unlock extra functionality, enable deeper participation, reduce fees and so much more.

How is it earned?

BVK tokens are earned through using the BVNK network. Different types of actions will earn you BVK tokens which can be used in the BVNK network.

How is it spent?

BVK tokens can be spent within the BVNK network to enable extra functionality, reduce fees, incentivise participation and much more.

Who controls BVK?

The BVNK token is created by BVNK but is not controlled by BVNK. The tokens are on a public network that we do not control.

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