Simple Modern Finance

We enable Financial Institutions to integrate modern finance.

Simple. Elegant. Useful.

BVNK is API first core banking infrastructure for digital assets and fiat.
We bridge fiat and digital assets within the scope of conventional regulation as well as provide modern utility to Financial Institutions.

We believe that finance should be elegant and effective rather than the complex, exclusive and expensive system it is today. It should be adaptable, accessible and responsive, while encouraging technical evolution.

But more than that, it should empower communities.
Make finance simple, useful and elegant.

BVNK Values


We handle the complexities of modern finance so you don’t have to. Simplicity and elegance is woven into everything we build.


Our aim is to create products and services that solve meaningful challenges in societies. Capability is about utility.


We constantly look at ways to bring useful solutions to the person on the ground and partner with businesses that can help

History of BVNK


Development on core banking platform commences.


Commercial inquiries start being received, triggered by open source code on GitHub


BVNK LTD is founded
BVNK Accepted to Open Data Institute Accelerator but declined to participate commitment constraints


BVNK launches core platform in closed beta
BVNK receives investment to expand
South African office established
Begin cryptocurrency integration, starting with Bitcoin


Finalise cryptocurrencies integration
Add Litecoin
Add Dash
Add Ethereum (in progress)
Launch BVNK Banking Infrastructure as a Service to market
Expand to Europe


Kyle Redelinghuys

Founder and CEO

Kyle Hauptfleisch

Head of Business Development

Assis Ngolo

Head of Engineering

Victor Szewczenko

Principal Engineer

Aletta Petzer

Lead Designer


Calum Fitzgerald

Tyler Reed

David Perel

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