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Modernising banking, one solution at time.

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Banking needs to change.

We can now send a satellite into orbit and back before most banks can even settle a trade. It's obvious that things need to change.

But technology is only a small part of the problem. Banks have to navigate the many risks of change. We understand that. We work with banks to identify their most pressing challenges and, using our technology, create specialised solutions. And we repeat this process until all systems have been modernised. We modernise banks, one solution at a time.

We target boutique and challenger banks:

Our goal is to reduce costs, improve flexibility and modernise banking.

Innovation is hard

Banks are under pressure to innovate but not all of them have systems that can accommodate new technology, the resources to hire competent teams to build them or the flexibility to customise functionality in the expensive core banking platforms on the market. Additionally, banks are bearing the high cost of these restrictive core banking systems and the growing cost of compliance.

But it doesn't have to be

BVNK is a banking platform that provides digital tools to solve modern banking challenges. It is highly interoperable to integrate with both existing systems and new technologies and enables banks to modernise their services without the high risks, costs, and timelines. We work with banks to define innovation, specific to their business, and execute it.

BVNK Values


We handle the complexities of modern finance so you don’t have to. Simplicity and elegance are woven into everything we build.


Our aim is to create products and services that solve meaningful challenges in banking. Capability is about utility.


We constantly look at ways to make useful solutions accessible to those who need them, whether they be consumers or businesses.


Kyle Redelinghuys

Founder and CEO

Kyle Hauptfleisch

Chief Operating Officer

Assis Ngolo

Head of Engineering

Victor Szewczenko

Principal Engineer

Aletta Petzer

Lead Designer


Calum Fitzgerald

Tyler Reed

David Perel

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