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We built a simple cryptocurrency application to showcase some our infrastructure in a tangible way.

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Mobile Application for White Labelling

Our mobile application showcases basic transacitonal and storage functionality avaiable in our comprehensive cryptocurrency infrastructure. Use it to buy, store and send multiple cryptocurrencies.

The mobile application can be fully white labelled, and can include all the functionality available in our infrastructure. All available funcitonality is listed in our API Documentation

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Supported Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are added based on market capitalisation, stability and utility.

Demo App Features


 We have focused on making a simple and easy to use cryptocurrency experience. Beautiful design plus useful features that make cryptocurrency management a dream. Complexity is old fashioned.


Easily send cryptocurrencies to other people, whether they use BVNK or not. Our mobile application support QR Codes to make sending crypto as easy as taking a picture.

Independent Wallets

Our infrastructure provides independent wallets for users that want to be in complete control of their cryptocurrency. Most exchanges own your Bitcoin until you withdraw it, with us it's always yours. Private keys are securely stored, verified users can access them or regenerate their wallets elsewhere.


Our platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind. We have engineers with years of security experience that have gone to great lengths to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are as secure as possible. Details available upon request.

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