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Bespoke Banking Systems.

Customisable to the core.

We have designed BVNK to facilitate upgrades of specific functionality over time and to manage the inherent risks (and costs) in transformation strategies. Our solution comprises a solid core that manages the fundamental operations of a bank and customisable modules that extend the core and manage all the other functionality required to make a bank work, like payments, compliance, reporting, etc. These modules can be sold and marketed separately to the main core.

Adapt to changing markets, quickly and safely.

Our system design allows for ease of integration, enabling new technology and products in a fast, cost-effective and simple manner. We have already integrated digital assets, and are looking beyond tokenised money to the tokenisation of tangible (securities, commodities, real estate, etc) and intangible assets (intellectual property, digital identity, contracts, etc). We are also working on machine-readable regulation and various layers of operational automation.

Bespoke Banking Systems.

We offer a solid shared core extended by a combination of modules exclusive to each client that create a truly bespoke banking system, at a competitive price point. Our aim is to reduce costs, improve flexibility and modernise banking.

Account Management

Create, delete and manage accounts, for multiple branches and multicurrency support. Our system gives a 'single-view' of the customer to enable aggregated data and integrated marketing opportunities.


Customise fees, functionality and more for each customer independently and enable them to customise further for their own customers, whether they are businesses or individuals.

Proprietary General Ledger

A comprehensive general ledger.

Single View of the Customer

A consolidated view of customer interactions with other customers, accounts, currencies, and products.

Fee Management

Variable, percentage or fixed fees and associated catch and settlement accounts.

Split Payments

Flexible options for split payments. This can service anything from group restaurant bills to group vacation costs.


Secure, tokenised authentication and One Time Pin.

Bulk Data Import

Importing bulk data in various formats.

Admin Dashboard

A dashboard to manage business operations, complete with access control, customisable permissions, reporting and more.

Identity and Access Management

Fully customisable users, roles and permissions.

Regulation & Compliance

KYC, KYB, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and customisable transaction restrictions and limiting, all built into the core.

Truly Modular

We have ensured that all functionality is modular so that you only ever pay for the functionality your bank actually uses. Each module is completely decoupled and can be updated, customised and licensed independently of the core system.

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Mobile Application for White Labeling

Our mobile application is beautifully modern. It is equipped with all the functionality that any bank requires to get their offering online. From budgeting, to split payments, to saving goals, our mobile application has it all. We have built it to enable a variety of solutions, and can be customised to suit specific requirements.

The mobile application can be fully white-labeled, and can be equipped with more or all of the functionality available. Available functionality is listed in our
API Documentation


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