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Why work for BVNK?

BVNK was born out of a desire to redefine banking.
We believe that banking can be better, and it's up to us to change it.

We're a modern company with a 100-year vision. Our thinking is driven by reason, our actions by passion and our mission by you.

If we can't find a way, we make one.


Experience is highly revered. If you understand a particular area better than anyone else, you will be heard.

Work Remotely

We believe that good work isn't just about presence. Our team is distributed in three countries across the globe.


Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.

Engineering & Design

Work with some of the most capable engineers and designers.

Senior Frontend Engineer

As part of the work we do, we have several different products that need front end work. The projects include admin dashboards for internal management, product dashboards across our range of projects, and web and mobile views as mobile app replacements. The ideal candidate should have significant experience using Angular 2, be a fast learner and understand the balance between engineering and operating within certain constraints.

Senior Backend Engineer

We are building banking systems from the ground up. Due to our ambitious goals for these systems, the work can get incredibly complex. We are pushing the boundaries on what banking systems should look like, looking to scale these into the cloud, and have a strong focus on security. If you like a challenge then you will find yourself amongst peers. Our stack is written in Go, and we also do work in Java, .Net, and Python.

Senior Security Engineer

Security is at the forefront of everything that we do. The banking systems that we build and deploy vary in location (cloud, on-premise, hybrid, off-network, etc) and our security protocols and implementations reflect this. As a security engineer, you will be focused on ensuring our codebase is solid, our infrastructure (new and existing) is maintained to a high degree, and have all of these processes included as part of a pipeline both internally and for our clients.

Senior UX/UI Designer

Our products are used by people and our mission is to make them accessible to any of our clients or their staff. They must be easy to use and beautiful, reflecting our brand. In addition to product work, the senior designer will also focus on the website, brochures, infographics and more. The ideal candidate should deeply understand how to communicate complex problems, work with our engineers to design our products, and take direction from our Head of Design.

Help us build the future of finance.

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Sales & Marketing

Great products deserve great customers.

Sales Director (Europe)

A dynamic, German-speaking, Sales Director with experience selling banking software, including a viable network in the banking sector throughout Europe. We're looking for a "find a way" individual to hustle hard in multiple territories that can grow and manage a team while being "hands-on" and actively productive. Proven track record essential.

Senior Marketing Manager

A senior Marketing Manager specialising in 'through the line' Business to Business and data strategies. Experience in both content marketing and paid media necessary. For BVNK qualitative results and data-driven decisions are paramount. Someone based in Europe or the U.K. is preferred, but experience with EU markets mandatory.

Junior Marketing Assistant

A Junior Marketing Assistant to support the Marketing and Sales teams with content creation, copywriting, strategy and paid media. Experience in community management is crucial, particularly in a Business to Business vertical.

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Compliance & Legal

Order and simplification are the first steps to mastery.

Financial Compliance Officer

A Financial Compliance Officer with experience in banking and financial regulation. A thorough understanding of financial regulation requirements as well as setting up internal control structures and System Analysis. In a nascent industry, not only must we follow the rules but we must be ready to create them.

Senior Legal Executive

A senior Legal Advisor specialising in the Financial Sector for both Europe and the United Kingdom to give legal advice and conduct research. Responsibilities will include general financial and commercial advisory, guidance across a diverse landscape, and contractual oversight.

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