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Secure, Private Chat

We record only the parts of the conversation that are relevant to order instructions for auditing, leaving the rest private. Like private banking should be.

Qualified Digital Signature

Digitally sign any document in seconds, with an easy 2 step process using SwissCom’s All-in Signing Service. Approved by regulators in both the EU/EEA and Switzerland.

Full Audit Trail

Access a full audit trail of documents, signatures, and order instructions directly from an easy to use CRM. Or, integrate Conversational Banking with your existing CRM.


Why Conversational Banking?

Relationships drive business.

There is a growing customer trend to favour digital channels for communication. Common digital solutions permit a convenient service, but building trust in a relationship requires the familiarity and reassurance of speaking to a real human. Thus, there is a strong desire to switch between human and digital interactions. We enrich the interaction between wealth managers and their clients by leveraging digital tools in a very personal and effective way.

Keep the Private in Private Wealth Management.

Conversational Banking enables relationships managers at private banks to securely communicate, sign documents, and record instructions with their clients all through a convenient messaging application.

Our system records only the parts of the conversation that are relevant to the instruction, leaving the rest of the conversation private, like private banking should be. We also store the documents and signatures so they are easily retrievable when Banks need to confirm or verify instructions.

Conversational banking allows Relationship Managers to easily and privately keep track of important requests made by their customers while providing them with the convenience of managing their affairs from their phone. And the bank's administrative staff have access to a complete paper trail of all relevant requests, documents and signatures for auditing purposes.

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