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Identification and signatures for a digital world

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Video Identification

Identify your clients in minutes using digital tools backed by Swisscom's AIS service. Any identified client can use the strongest digital signature available to sign a document as if they were there in person.

AES and QES Digital Signatures

Digitally sign any document in seconds, with an easy 2 step process using SwissCom’s All-in Signing Service. We offer both AES and QES signatures for Switzerland and the EU.

Be Live In Days

Using our modern dashboard and API services, you can be live in days, not months. Our system can also easily be integrated in to your existing services and workflows.


Why BVNK eSign?

Designed for simplicity and ease of use

BVNK eSign offers banks and financial intermediaries the ability for their clients to sign legally binding documents as if they were signing in person.

The solution offers video identification as well as digital signing in Switzerland and the EU. Both Advanced Electronic Signatures and Qualified Electronic Signatures are supported.

Video identification and digital signature capability is backed by Swisscom.

Executing a signature is as simple as can be

Customer added: a customer is added in the back office through our dashboard.

Video Identification: our platform enables video identification as part of the on-boarding process, backed by Swisscom.

Document uploaded: the document is uploaded against a customer and is sent for signing via email. A link can also be created to be sent on a separate channel.

Sign: the customer receives the email, clicks the link and views the document, enters an OTP and the document is signed.

View: the entire lifecycle of the document is viewable in the dashboard for back office users.

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