Modern banking infrastructure, for modern finance.

API driven banking infrastructure for digital assets and fiat.

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digital asset core banking environment

Infrastructure as a Service

Bridge the unique capabilities of digital assets with the familiarity and order of fiat,
all in one comprehensive platform.

BVNK is API first and can easily adapt to how your business runs. Complement your existing core banking system by running BVNK alongside it, and enable hassle-free integrations with external systems. Our platform is designed with innovation and agility in mind, and is PSD2 ready.

Digital Assets & Fiat

Digital Assets are natively integrated into our core banking suite, ensuring that existing and custom regulations can be applied. The future is digital and we enable banks to take custody of more than just finance, we ensuring relevance by bridging yesterday and tomorrow's banking.


Great products solve known problems, exceptional products solve the problems people didn’t know they had. We enable new ways to do new things and provide the tools for banks to innovate at their own pace. Close the gap between your bank and progression.


Our platform is designed to provide functionality without the bloat. We handle all the complexity of modern technology, so you can focus on business. Reduce the overheads created by time consuming and complicated tasks.

Proprietary Wallets

Our digital asset accounts are backed by independent wallets that are not centralised or virtually partitioned. This enables a world of information for your customers and much needed visibility for regulators. It also simplifies auditing.


Our platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind. We have gone to great lengths to make sure that your business is prepared for digital risks, whether deployed 'on prem' or in the cloud. All of our engineers are experts in cryptography and enterprise security.

ICO Support

ICOs are an area that will mature and provide new possibilities. We provide the technology for banks to embrace the entire process, from token issuance to custom lock-down periods, to reduce risks and safely support new businesses. Reduce risk for the businesses, their investors and your bank.

Institutional Grade Custody

Onboard high-networth individuals, funds and exchanges. We enable multi-signiture wallets, cold-storage solutions as well as assist banks to implement the correct processes across their business. We also ensure that regulation, compliance and local laws can be adhered to.

Single View of Customer

Easily map customer's relationships with other customers, accounts, products and services, with powerful and customisable reporting options. Drive products and marketing with data centric strategies.

Alpha Friendly

Ensure products are relevant by easily creating market-ready prototypes. Accelerate the feedback cycle to minimise risk.

Regulation & Compliance

Our system is designed to adapt to the various and unique regulatory and compliance requirements that Financial Institutions have to adhere to in their respective territories.

We apply all regulatory and compliance requirements to both digital assets and fiat.

Upgrade your banking software without upending your business.

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Account Management

Create, delete and manage accounts, for fiat and digital assets. KYC. KYB and AML built-in.


Create multiple levels of businesses under one account to enable business to business, and business to consumer, products and services.

Custom Permissions

Customise fees, functionality and more for each customer independently and enable them to further customise for their own customers.

Fee Management

Variable or fixed fees and associated catch and settlement accounts.

Multichannel Payments

User to user payments, request payments and recurring payments through various channels: SMS, USSD, QR Codes, Chat Apps and more.

Fiat Payments

Technical support for funding to and from designated bank accounts via EFT, direct debit, card charging or otherwise. This functionality requires relevant licenses depending on region.

Exchange Integrations

We are integrated with over 15 digital asset exchanges in Europe to fascilitate liquidity as well support regulatios like Midfid II.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Enable payments with multiple cryptocurrencies between BVNK accounts or to external wallets through multiple channels.

Digital Assets

Support all types of digital assets, like digital identity, real-estate, utility tokens, not just cryptocurrencies.

Token Issuance

Develop and issue tokens on behalf of customers for ICOs, utilities or other projects.

Real-Time Conversion

Enable customers to pay anyone in cryptocurrency, receive fiat payments in cryptocurrency, or simply purchase cryptocurrencies in a safe and regulated way.

Institutional Custody

Provide cryptocurrency funds and exchanges with secure, regulated and transparent storage. We provide the technology for cold and hot wallets, as well as access to external audits.


Secure, tokenized authentication and One Time Pin. Customised security and authentication available.

Proprietary General Ledger

Monitor and manage your organisations accounts, transactions and assets, in real-time.

Card Management

Technical support for fiat and cryptocurrency cards. Requires issuer.

Card Functionality

Users can freeze or unfreeze cards at their discretion, set daily/weekly/monthly limits, and change their PIN.

Use Cases

Integrate cryptocurrency and open up a world of underserved business.

Initial Coin Offerings

Support new businesses with their Token Sales by providing an end to end solution.
Provide security and reduce risk for the founders, employees and the investors themselves,
while providing regulars with the information they require.

Market Potential:
$3.6 billion raised strong>for legitimate businesses (assuming only 80% are illegitimate).

Take an underserved market, without the risk.


Provide an end-to-end service for businesses.


Provide business, investor and employee token accounts.


Protect investors and enforce lock-down periods.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Provide a cryptocurrency exchanges with a consolidated portfolio of accounts.
Take custody of their digital assets alongside their fiat assets and minimise
their financial administration. In addition, provide liquidty and OTC services.

Market Potential:
Over 200 exchanges trading between $50k and $1B a day.

Take an underserved market, without the risk.


Provide a turnkey banking solution for cryptocurrency exchanges.

User Wallets

Provide exchanges with secure cryptocurrency wallets for a multitude of cryptocurrencies.


Assist exchanges with being providing credible services for their users.

Current Environment

Exchanges in the current environment


Exchanges in the current environment

Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds

Provide cryptocurrency hedge funds with credible storage and conversion services
for both cryptocurrency and fiat, or launch your own.

Market Potential:
Over 230 funds managing an average of $20M in assets.

All the tools for modern funds.


Provide fund with access to liquidity for fiat or crypto when they need it.


Store fiat and crypto assets and provide a unified banking portfolio.


Provide customers and regulators with granular reporting.

Current Environment

Exchanges in the current environment


Exchanges in the current environment

Cryptocurrency Users

Provide a suite of cryptocurrency products to consumers that are searching for solutions.
At the same time, mitigate the risk by applying regulatory controls and visibility to regulators.

Market Potential:
Over 20 million cryptocurrency users world wide.

Create a unique competitive advantage.

Crypto Current Accounts

Day to day accounts to unlock cryptocurrency utility .

Crypto-backed Cards

Enable customers to use cryptocurrency anywhere.

Competitive Advantage

Leverage a first mover advantage to service a high-demand market.

Card Purchases
(Cryptocurrency Denominated Account)

Exchanges in the current environment

Debit Orders
(Cryptocurrency Denominated Account)

Exchanges in the current environment

Leverage convention to unlock the potential in Digital Assets

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