Flexible, customisable, modern banking functionality.

Because one size does not fit all.

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Modular Banking Systems.

Truly modular.

Anything that can be decoupled, is decoupled. Replacing an entire core banking system in one go is risky. And we don't believe it is the best transformation strategy. Rather, we focus on the solutions that make the biggest impact and start there. This means banks can benefit from transformation without paying the costs that come with long, risky and expensive projects.

Derisk your transformation.

Being modular allows for additional benefits. Put functionality together to create new products that solve new challenges or create new opportunities. Work with our world-class engineers and business analysts to define a new way of banking, and provide your customers with the products that match.

The 'Banking' in Banking Systems.

Banks can pick and choose the functionality that they require, and it can be easily plugged into the BVNK core. It provides easy customisation that is simple, cost-effective and less risky for both the bank and the provider.


Inter-account, EFT, AEDO, NAEDO, ATM, Card, SMS, USSD, Facebook Messenger, and custom payment channels can be easily integrated. Full ISO20022 support.

Customisable regulatory controls

AML screening, access to FAFT and PEP Screening, and custom region controls by request.

Digital asset support

Native support for tangible and intangible digital assets, including independent wallets, private key management, institutional custody, end-to-end ICO/STO support, regulatory controls and limits, and real-time exchange.

Card management

Functionality to support physical and virtual card issuance. Card settings & management, cheque & debit cards, PINSpending management, custom limits and more. Support for new and old versions of ISO8583.

Custom card settings

Users can freeze or unfreeze cards at their discretion, set daily/weekly/monthly limits, and change their PIN.


Customisable reporting. We can showcase any data within our system on the admin dashboard.

Smart reports

Leverage smart data to build additional applications like budgeting, affordability guidance, saving tips, etc.

POS functionality

POS device functionality and integration.

White label mobile application

A fully customisable mobile application that can be rebranded for digital banking.

White label web application

A customisable web application that can be used for consumer interaction.

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Mobile Application for White Labeling

Our mobile application is beautifully modern. It is equipped with all the functionality that any bank requires to get their offering online. From budgeting, to split payments, to saving goals, our mobile application has it all. We have built it to enable a variety of solutions, and can be customised to suit specific requirements.

The mobile application can be fully white-labeled, and can be equipped with more or all of the functionality available. Available functionality is listed in our
API Documentation


Get all the functionality with none of the headaches.

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