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API driven financial tools for fiat and cryptocurrency as a service.

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Build the exact service or solution you need without compromise. Seamlessly leverage our APIs to augment your current service offering, or create something entirely new.

Cryptocurrency and fiat

The future is in functionality. Revitalise an antiquated world with modern capabilities. We join the cryptocurrency and fiat worlds in a way that makes sense, and provide a real time bridge between them.


Great products the solve known problems, exceptional products solve the problems people didn’t know they had. We enable new ways to do new things.


Our platform is designed to provide functionality without the bloat. We handle all the complexity of modern finance, so you can focus on your business.

Proprietary Wallets

Our wallets are not centralised and virtually partitioned. This means that your customers cryptocurrency isn’t centralised but in dedicated wallets that they control.


Our platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind. Security can be tough, and we have gone to great lengths to make sure that our platform is secure.


We provide tools that support KYC and AML through API. Easily integrate with your cryptocurrency or fiat application in order to comply with existing or pending regulation. Peace of mind for you and your customers.

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Account Management

Create, delete and manage accounts. KYC and AML built in, if required.

Merchant Account Support

Create multiple levels of businesses under one account to enable business to business and business to consumer products and services.

Cascading Permissions

Customise fees, functionality and more for each customer independently and enable them to further customise for their own customers.

Fee Management

Variable or fixed fees and associated catch and settlement accounts.

Closed Loop Payments

User to user payments, request payments and recurring payments through various channels: SMS, USSD, QR Codes and Chat Apps.

Open Loop Payments

Technical support for funding to and from designated bank accounts via EFT, direct debit, card charging or otherwise. This functionality requires relevant licenses depending on region.

Cryptocurrency Wallets/Accounts

Create, delete and manage cryptocurrency wallets for multiple cryptocurrencies, with access to private keys.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Enable payments with multiple cryptocurrencies between BVNK accounts or to external wallets through multiple channels.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Enable the purchase of multiple cryptocurrencies as well as the exchange between multiple supported cryptocurrencies.

Split Payments

Flexible options for split payments. This can service anything from group restaurant bills to group vacation costs.


Secure, tokenized authentication and One Time Pin.

Ledger Services

Running debtor and creditor accounts.

Card Management

Technical support for debit cards. Currently, we only offer prepaid card issuance, but can support any open loop payment functionality.

Card Functionality

Users can freeze or unfreeze cards at their discretion, set daily/ weekly/monthly limits, and change their PIN.

Use Cases

Remittance Solutions

Our integration with cryptocurrencies allows for next generation remittance solutions. Easily enable the purchase of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, exchange between cryptocurrencies and move value across borders with minimal hassle.

Cryptocurrency Integration for Financial Businesses

Financial Institutions can leverage the cryptocurrency revolution by integrating cryptocurrency into their existing stack. BVNK provides all the regular controls and compliance so that cryptocurrency can be as transparent as traditional banking.

Distributed Financial Services

We provide the infrastructure and technology to enable a wide range of crowd based or distributed financial services. From insurance to loans all backed by multiple individuals reducing the capital requirements. FSPs can leverage our system to remain relevant.

Accept Cryptocurrency

Allow your customers to pay with almost any cryptocurrency they wish. Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and have given massive spending power to consumers. The cryptocurrency market is relatively untapped in the retail section due to the complexity of integration. Customers spend any cryptocurrency and merchants receive any cryptocurrency they want, or simply, the fiat equivalent.

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