BVK Tokens

The BVK token brings utility to the BVNK network. BVK token can be used to unlock extra functionality, enable deeper participation, reduce fees and so much more.


What is the BVK Token?

BVK Token was created for utility. It is leveraged within the BVNK Platform, as well as in our BVNK SaaS solution, to incentivise activities that will benefit the business, the users, and the product itself.

BVK Tokens will incentive the following activities:
1. User adoption
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Network Activity
4. Functionality Development

Earning BVK Tokens

BVK tokens will be earned by users for transactions, inviting new users, and more

Using BVK Tokens

BVK tokens can be used as currency for payments, loan funding and asset purchase

Transaction Fees

Businesses will be able to set their own transaction fee on top of each transaction processed

Token Economics

Earning BVK tokens

User recruitment: when a user invites a friend to join BVNK, the friend earns BVK token on when they sign up for a BVNK account. The first user will consequently earn BVK token when his/her friend makes his/her first purchase.
Starting Businesses with BVNK SaaS: when a user starts a business within the BVNK Platform (becomes a Merchant User and opens a Merchant Account) or using BVNK SaaS, that user will earn BVK token. The Merchant User will have the opportunity to further earn BVK token from users that access their application with their BVK token.
Building functionality for BVNK SaaS: users that are experienced with financial development may submit new functionality to the BVNK team for use in the BVNK Platform. The developer will be paid in BVK Token upon successful integration to the BVNK Core Platform.

Users using BVK token

Access Premium Functionality: users will be able to use their BVK Tokens to access premium functionality built by the BVNK development team or submitted by an approved third party. Access Merchant Applications: users will be able to use their BVK Tokens to access applications and services created within the BVNK Platform or using BVNK SaaS.

Merchants using BVK token

Licensing discounts: reduce monthly licensing for the paid tiers of BVNK SaaS Premium Functionality: Access premium functionality and services on BVNK for use in their application.

Transaction Fees

Set own transaction fee: Applications using BVNK SaaS solution will be able to set their own transaction fee on top of each transaction processed. Developers can also develop unique offerings on top of their applications to gain a higher fee from other users within the BVNK Platform. BVK Token will incentivise any transactions between applications (external transactions) using BVNK SaaS.