A banking platform that redefines banking.

Integrate Fintechs, reduce costs, leverage marketplaces, and redefine global banking.

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banking system environment

Banking Platform as a Service.

One-Click Core Banking

We will enable functionality for banks in a similar way to how WordPress enabled website creation for internet users. We will absorb as much of the complexity as we can and provide a platform for banks to create new products, manage regulation, customise reports and run general operations in quickly and simply. We will make banking simple.

Global Banking Platform

We will provide a global platform for both financial institutions and independent developers to create, access and market new products and services. B2B and B2C markets where financial institutions can access services that they don't have from those that do. Developers would be able to innovate directly and sell those products to banks and consumers.

Platform Principles

Integrated Regulation

Developer environments where compliance requirements are already integrated into the system and directly with regulators.

B2B and B2C
Open Markets

Online B2B and B2C markets for developers and financial institutions to develop, access and market developed products.

Digital First
For Everything

Native support for all kinds of digital assets and digital finance, including tokenised assets and other digital representations of value.

Absorbed Complexity

Functionality modules that can be easily combined to create new products and business models

Build a bank that is prepared for the future of finance

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